“With its irresistibly powerful taste, you’ll have a difficult time putting it down!”

Arrogante is the elegant savoury snack you’ll be sure to take out not only for events but also for a quiet night-in as a treat to yourself. For its extraordinary balance it gives its best on any occasion.


Arrogante with truffle

From the elegance of our Arrogante and the preciousness of the truffle flakes, comes a refined cheese, with a particularly intense flavor with notes reminiscent of the undergrowth, the mosses, the impending autumn. Suitable for intense appetizers or as a tasty finishing touch for appetizers.


Arrogante with Black Peppercorns

Its sumptuous unmistakable shape expresses a perfect union between the elegant taste and the spicy scent of black peppercorns, giving life to a compact and fragrant paste. On the palate it releases the strong flavor and complexity of its aromas. Exotic.


Arrogante with Mirto

The spirit of Sardinia in this aged pecorino. The scents of the pastures combine with the unmistakable scent of the blue berry and give life to an aromatic and fragrant cheese, with a unique character.


Arrogante – Goat

A seasoned goat cheese with aromatic scents, delicate, 100% goat’s milk.
Refined in taste, a gallant accompaniment to a fresh, sparkling wine. And it is immediately poetry!